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Welding Aid

Welding Helmets

Welding Helmets

Approx. Rs 325 / Piece

Light in weight, unbreakable, lift window design wirh head gear ..

Auto Darkening Helmets

Auto Darkening Helmets

Approx. Rs 4,000 / Piece

Increase your productivity

D. P. Testing Kit

D. P. Testing Kit

Approx. Rs 450 / Piece

  1. Pre-clean inspection area with CLEANER SC-30 to remove oil, grease or with wire brush to remove Scale, rust for easier penetration.
  2. Spray or brush with PENETRANT SC-10 Allow penetration time as per table below.
    Area coverage 50Sq mts/ lit. appox.
  3. Wipe Surface Clear, using Cloth Soaked in CLEANER SC-30, Taking care. Penetrant from defect should not be removed
  4. Shake the Aerosol can vigorously or stir the bulk developer. Spray DEVELOPER SC-20 in thin, uniform film, from a distance of 8 to 12 inches and 6-8 short sections at a time. Allow to dry.
    Area coverage 25 Sq mts/ lit. appox.
  5. The vived red colour combined with better capibility action results in sharply defined flaw indication

The Dye-penetrant method of in spection with flaw test System may be used on materials Such as Aluminium, Magnesium, Barss, Copper, Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Ceramic & Certain Plastics.
Minimun Penetration Time For Penetrants, For Parts-Having Temperature of 15C to 35C

MeterialFromType of DiscontinuityPenetration Time (Min)
AluminiumCastingPorosity5 to 10
Cold Shuts5 to 10
Welds AllLack of Fution5
Magnesium Brass & BronzeCastingPorosity5 to 10
Cold Shuts5 to 10
Welds Brazed Parts AllLack of Fution10
Cracks & Fatigue Craks10 to 20
Cold Shuts10
Eztrution & Forging Welds AllLack of Fution20
Fatigue Craks20
Carbide Tip ToolsILack of Fution5
Titanium & High Temp AlloysAll20
For Lower Temperature Penetration Time to be Incraesed

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