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Cnc Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC Laser Cutting Machine

Approx. Rs 25 Lakh / Piece

System Components
Laser generatorIPG OR ANY OTHER 1000,1500,2000W
Machine tool
Cutting scope: 1.5m X 3.0m
Water chiller setLaser generator cooling

Rated output laser power
Price RangeRs.20,00,000-1,00,00,000
Spare parts bag and tools boxSpecial for laser cutter

Additional Information:

CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Plasma & Flame Cutting Machine

Approx. Rs 8 Lakh / Piece

CNC Controller FeaturesAvailable OptionsOffered Plasma Power SourcesPro-Cut 2000 Series
Pro-cut 2000 series CNC Plasma & Oxyfuel cutting machines with high precision machined components and low back lash planetary gear boxes ensure high accuracies consistently over its entire life.

Digitally controlled AC servo drives ensures a good adaptability to all running conditions, ensuring extraordinary accuracies, acceleration and deceleration ensuring smooth motion at high speeds and around corners with the above equipment. Multi torch strip cutting function for pre-fabricated construction industry.

Dedicated hardware & software for Plasma cutting and Oxyfuel makes cutting a breeze. Intuitive software makes learning of basic cutting and advanced features extremely easy.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Approx. Rs 20 Lakh / Piece

CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine

Approx. Rs 15 Lakh / onwards

Numerical control steel-Pipe cutting machine” GS/G-600”is a CNC controlled pipe profile cutting machine. It cut pipe with high efficiency and precision when the computer is keyed in necessary data through the touch screen and it automatically calculates complicated contour curves.
The 4-clip chuck can clamp pipe of F65-F600 in diameter. The maximum length of pipe can be up to 12m. The other function include pre-cutting pipe rotation angle setting function, automatic cutting control which saves labor remarkably.
The branch pipe manufacturing can vary the groove’s angle. The route of torch on the orbit is 12m long, and also it can process to cut on a position arbitrarily along the orbit. The machine equips four adjustable pipe rest which simplifies the feeding in, centering, moving remarkably,
In addition to the flame cutting, the machine can also cut with plasma. It provides an extremely user friendly machine interface, allowing operators to key easily in a few data by MDI for cutting process.
We offer our clients a wide range of CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machines like CNC Cutting Machine, Plasma CNC Cutting Machine and Portable CNC Cutting Machine that are ideal for cutting different kinds of material including branches of the shell, two or three-layer saddle cutting the main pipe. These are highly efficient and used for several industrial processes. Equipped with latest features and technology, the machines offered by us are delivered to clients on time that too in a safer way.

CNC Multi Head Flame Cutting Machine

CNC Multi Head Flame Cutting Machine

Approx. Rs 13 Lakh / Piece

It is highly efficient OXY/Fuel flame cutting machine. As to the longitudinal multi-head straight cutting, the cutting torch height not only can be adjusted manually, but also controlled unitarily, group by group and one by one accordingly. This machine can used for three different work as Strip Cutting, CNC Profile Cutting with OXY fuel torches & Plasma Cutting (optional). It is designed for metal structure factory, shipbuilding factory, crane factory & etc. Different sizes according to customers requirement can be designed.

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