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Tig Welding Equipment

RILNAD TIG 200 A (TIG & ARC ) Multi Process

RILNAD TIG 200 A (TIG & ARC ) Multi Process

Approx. Rs 21,000 / Piece

AC Power SourceTIG Welding Control Unit (Tignitor)Water Cooling SystemTIG Welding TorchGas Regulator and Flow meter

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Approx. Rs 1.06 Lakh / Piece

Tig acdc 315 p 

most sutiable for all kind of fereious and non ferreous metals as stanless steel, aluminium, copper, carbon steel etc.  
most advance inverter base technology 
capaicyt 315 amps.
with full function pulse faclity.
input supply 415v, ( +- 15%) phase iii, hz 50 complete with tig torch water cooled, welding cable copper with holder, earthing cable copper with earth clamp.

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AC DC TIG Welding Machine 200 A

AC DC TIG Welding Machine 200 A
  • AC DC TIG Welding Machine 200 A
  • AC DC TIG Welding Machine 200 A

Approx. Rs 65,000 / Piece

Technical specification
Model TIG 200AC/DC TIG 250AC/DC TIG 315P AC/DC
Rated Input Voltage (V)220±15%220±15%415±15%
Input Frequency (Hz)505050
Rated Power at Max. Current (KVA)6.28.69
Duty Cycle60%60%60%
Weight (Kg)22.123.433
Dimension (L x W x H) mm498 x 328 x 365498 x 328 x 365570 x 364 x 372 

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TIG Welding Equipment

TIG Welding Equipment

Approx. Rs 35,000 / Piece

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DC TIG (Inverter Base) IGBT Base Welding Machine

DC TIG (Inverter Base) IGBT Base Welding Machine

Approx. Rs 85,000 / Piece

Special features:- Machine comes with : 

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DC TIG Welding Machine

DC TIG Welding Machine

Approx. Rs 40,000 / Piece

Soft switch technology, high efficiency, low power consumption.

Automatic protection from over current, over heat, over/under voltage.

TIG welding and MMA welding.

Up/down slope of welding current arc Pre & Post flow of gas. With automatic HF Control.

In TIG welding stich welding option is there. The build-in circuit guarantees a good arc-ignition and crater filling In MMA welding, can be used with all kinds of electrode of diameter below 5.0mm.

In TIG welding can weld stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, titanium etc. Fine current Controlling.

The Arc Force knob can Increase the arc force and prevent the welding electrode struck to work pieces.

Remote control current regulator - optional.

Suitable for welding of the stainless steel parts, pressure vessels and pipeline, provide more efficiency.

A Voltage fluctuation of ± 20% is allowable.

Special features:-

Light in weight, portable, multi purpose TIG/MMA (Stick welding) machine.

Reliable arc start with HF, deep penetration.

Easy arc striking, stable current, high speed & dynamic response.

Noise free, spatterless welding

Technical data

ModelTIG 200ATIG 250ATIG 200PTIG 300ATIG 400ARated Input Voltage (V)220±15%415±15%220±15%415±15%415±15%Input Frequency (Hz)5050505050Rated Power at Max. Current (KVA)9.6/6.29.5/6.39.6/6.312.1/8.318.2/13.1Duty Cycle60%60%60%60%60%Weight (Kg)91981928Dimension (L x W x H) mm395 x 153 x 301505 x 203 x 375400 x 153 x 291505 x 203 x 375494 x 327 x 360

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DC TIG Cum ARC (Diode Base) Welding

DC TIG Cum ARC (Diode Base) Welding

Approx. Rs 95,000 / Piece

TIG welding control unit
Water Circulating System (Optional)
TIG Welding Torch
Set of Accessories (Optional)

D.C. Power Source
Technical data
(Confirm to: IS-4559)
ModelTIG 300 AmpsTIG 400 AmpsTIG 600 AmpsTIG 600HD Amps
Supply Voltage 3-phase, AC380-440V380-440V380-440V380-440V
Frequency50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Insulation classHHHH
At max Rated KVA22304545
Open Circuit Voltage75-80V75-80V75-80V75-80V
Current Range30-300A30-400A30-500A30-600A
Current at 60% duty cycle300A400A600A600A
CoolingForced AirForced AirForced AirForced Air
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